We carefully select promising preclinical candidates and then work to achieve clinical proof of concept and create molecules on the cusp of becoming a drug. Here’s how we do it:

  • Global Perspective

    OnCusp’s global approach allows it to effectively leverage regional industry strengths. The United States and Europe have some of the world’s most innovative biotechs, top Phase 1 clinical trial sites, and the largest drug markets. Australia has fast first-in-human testing opportunities, and China has abundant funding, a large patient pool, and an efficient preclinical CRO network.

  • Translational Expertise

    The OnCusp founders have deep, highly-credentialed experience designing innovative clinical development plans and executing rigorous clinical trials, with specific expertise in areas of particular interest to OnCusp, including novel bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates, and innovative small molecules.

  • Industry Network

    OnCusp founders are veterans in global oncology drug research, development, and commercialization, and deal-making. They have built an extensive professional network within the global oncology community. This enables the company to create win-win licensing partnerships for the most promising assets and then license out proven therapies to their global pharmaceutical network.

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Phase I

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CDH6 Antibody
Drug-Conjugate (ADC)

Solid Tumors


CUSP06, a CDH6 ADC, is composed of a proprietary antibody with high CDH6 binding affinity, a protease-cleavable linker, and an exatecan payload (a potent and clinically validated topoisomerase-1 inhibitor). The linker is designed to complement the exatecan payload, enabling a highly stable and homogenous ADC. The payload is a weak substrate for BCRP/P-gp, which are drug efflux pumps that drive chemoresistance to many therapies. In preclinical data, this linker-payload has been shown to have an increased “bystander effect” compared to competitor ADCs. CUSP06 has a drug-to-antibody ratio of eight.


Small Molecule Inhibitor/
RNA Modulator

Hematological + Solid Tumors


CUSP03 is a small molecule inhibitor to an RNA modifying enzyme that plays a critical role in driving large subsets of a hematologic malignancy, as well as a potential role in multiple solid tumors. This program is in lead optimization stage.


Tumor Micro-Environment

Hematological + Solid Tumors


CUSP02 is a novel bispecific antibody that is designed to have important anti-tumor, immune-targeting and anti-angiogenic properties. This program is currently in early discovery.

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